It all started when…

In 1992, Roy Davis a.k.a. “Bud”, lost his sister Alice following heart surgery. The two of them had often talked about the many family stories passed along by their parents -- stories about the murder of their father's father and the suicide of his mother. On their mother's side, there was the untimely death of her sister, the Christmas Eve funeral of her father, and her favorite nephew's killing by a German sniper in World War II."They are really stories about the effects of unresolved trans-generational grief," says Davis. 

"It became apparent to me that all of these people who had died long before I was born had had a tremendous impact on my life and personality." In an effort to commemorate those people and lay the legacy of grief to rest, Davis made sculptures in the form of half-sized coffins containing memorabilia that tell their stories. 

"While working on the commemorative coffins," Bud says, "I thought it would also be interesting to build my own full-sized coffin as a work of art, exhibit it with the commemorative coffins, and then eventually be buried in it. That's when I realized that everybody deserves a distinctive, personalized coffin that is elegantly designed, meticulously crafted, and one of a kind."

So in 1993, along with his good friend, Bert Sperath and my father founded Bert & Bud’s Vintage Coffins. Since then, Roy has been creating unique coffins and urns for people looking for something unique. After all, as he has always said “You only get one chance to make a lasting impression.”

After hundreds of coffins and urns, Roy has brought me, Andrew Davis, into Vintage Coffins. I’m an accomplished woodworker, woodturner and Creative Director. I care a great deal about Vintage Coffins and I look forward to working with you to create an amazing memorial for you. So call or email and let’s make you a coffin.